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Just do what you regulary do then comment on the first entry on the community site. The only reason we have to keep this community locked up tight is because we allow everything from being opening proud gay [nothing wrong with that] to being a hater, to just being stupid so if you feel like joining just follow the steps and read the rules please.
Welcome to 1805rant. In this community you can rant and carry on for as long as you want about everything. You can even rave about an addiction that has been super-glued to your brain. It's up to you but first please read the rules. I promise I tried to make them as non-exsistent as possible...but somethings are just stupid or not right.
Sorrie to say this but there are rules:
  • Please if someone you hate on here is post shit about you keep the fight to that post or make one post about them. Do not take up like 80 posts just talking shit back to one another make sure you talk shit in comments
  • Dont talk shit you can't back up because that will only get a warning for being a stupid faker and just needing something to complain about
  • You can talk shit, complain, etc about anyone or anything

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