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Hey, I'm new...
My pet hate is bitchy/ stuck up people. Especially girls. For me, there's nothing wore than a bitch PMSing and trying to have an arguement with me. Life is tooooooo short. I hate people like that... when they talk about people behind their back and backstab their friends it pisses me off. There is really NO point.

Where I live, I can't escape these people. They are EVERYWHERE. And you don't know they are like it until you find out that they've bitched about you. It's petty and immature. The stuck up people I know say they tell the people that they talk about what they've said about them. But they don't. They're way too afraid of being smacked in the face. Cowardace. Another hate of mine.

I'm stopping now before I get in too deep.
Sorry if I sound immature to you.
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